Cortisone shots are just one of the treatments patients suffering from osteoarthritis or inflammation can use. They provide pain relief by targeting inflammation in the affected joint. A cortisone shot minimizes inflammation in the joint caused by osteoarthritis which patients with significant pain relief. Cortisone shots can also be used to treat tendinitis, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

“Cortisone injections for the osteoarthritis can be a powerful and effective weapon in a treating physician’s armamentarium,” notes Dr. Mallo. “Like all medications, cortisone injections should be administered by a knowledgeable medical provider that discusses the pros and cons as well as the risks and benefits with the patient.”
For patients considering cortisone shots as a means of treatment, they should speak with their doctors about any potential side effects that can be experienced and if this treatment is best for your individual case.

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