Catching and Locking Shoulder Joints

March 29, 2018Blog, News

An interesting story about Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge today: Yankees’ Aaron Judge, behind this spring, opens up on injury that fueled 2-month slump Pieces of dislodged bone or cartilage can be trapped in the tissue that surrounds the shoulder. These loose bodies in the shoulder can cause the joint to catch and lock, causing significant pain … Read More

The VRS Reverse Shoulder Replacement System

July 23, 2017Blog, News

Gregory C. Mallo, MD and Philip L. Schrank, MD, co-chiefs of the Shoulder Service at St. Charles Orthopedics, will be utilizing a novel reverse shoulder replacement system, designed for patients with extreme bone loss or erosion of the glenoid vault/socket later this month. This system is the first commercially available patient-matched glenoid implant. This custom … Read More

Are You a Weekend Warrior?

July 18, 2017Blog, Tips

If you’re like most people, you tend to use the weekend to get things done. This means errands and chores, but for many it means getting to that exercise you didn’t get to during the busy work week. And for many of us you probably over do it too! Experts call you a “Weekend Warrior,” … Read More

The Growing Youth and Professional Baseball Injury Epidemic

June 19, 2017Blog, News

Medical experts nationwide gathered in San Diego to discuss the growing youth and professional baseball injury epidemic. Current and former major league players and athletic trainers shared their thoughts and experiences with injury and injury prevention. As an expert in Shoulder Surgery, Dr. Mallo was invited to participate in this ground breaking event sponsored by … Read More

Chronic Shoulder Pain

May 13, 2017Blog, Tips

While shoulder pain may be common, it should not be ignored. Often times chronic shoulder pain is significant of a more serious diagnosis. Dr. Mallo notes that “Shoulder pain is a very common part of everyday life. Most people do not seek care assuming they have a “sprain” or “tendinitis” when something much more severe … Read More

Considering Cortisone Shots for Pain Management

May 13, 2017Blog, Tips

Cortisone shots are just one of the treatments patients suffering from osteoarthritis or inflammation can use. They provide pain relief by targeting inflammation in the affected joint. A cortisone shot minimizes inflammation in the joint caused by osteoarthritis which patients with significant pain relief. Cortisone shots can also be used to treat tendinitis, tennis elbow … Read More